Employment Expectations and Terms and Conditions

1. You are an employee of Super Performance Promotions Pty Ltd (“SPP”) and/or Keleidoscope Casting & Model Management (KCMM) employed on a casual basis.
2. These terms and conditions apply to your employment and if you breach these terms and conditions, it may lead to SPP/KCMM terminating your employment.
3. While employed by SPP/KCMM you will be working with and under the direction of a company or individual who has booked you (“the Client”). You may be working for a supervisor from SPP/KCMM (“your Supervisor”) or directly for the Client.
4. You should undertake your work for SPP/KCMM in a courteous, respectful and hardworking manner.
5. You should follow any legal direction from SPP/KCMM, your Supervisor and the Client.
6. The following are considered serious breaches of this agreement:

a. Serious neglect of duty;
b. an act or acts of dishonesty;
c. disclosure or misuse of confidential information;
d. rude or threatening behaviour towards the Client, customers or other employees;
e. working or arriving at work whilst under the influence of alcohol or any illicit drug;
f. being convicted of an indictable offence;
g. refusing to obey any lawful and reasonable instruction given by SPP/KCMM;
h. wilfully causing damage or injury to SPP/KCMM, the Client, property or other employees;

7. Smoking is not permitted at any time while working or while in uniform.
8. You must obtain the permission of SPP/KCMM to smoke while on a break and may only do so if not in uniform or if your uniform is covered (this should be discussed prior to shift).
9. Food may only be consumed during your allocated break.
10. On most jobs it is permitted to carry water, but you should obtain permission from the Client.
11. Travel to and from bookings and parking is at your own cost unless specifically agreed with SPP/KCMM (this should be discussed prior to accepting shift if an issue).
12. If overnight accommodation is required, the cost will usually be paid by the Client and arrangements will be advised at the time of booking.
13. You must not make contact directly with the Client unless specifically authorised and advised by SPP/KCMM.
14. If you are approached directly while on a job in relation to a potential booking, please refer the inquiry to us. This is for your protection and to ensure that client inquiries are legitimate and covered by relevant insurances and other requirements.
15. Rates of pay and promotional rates are confidential and should not be discussed with other staff, the Client or the general public.
16. In the event of an incident or issue on a job, contact your SPP/KCMM supervisor on the job and call Kelli or Amanda. Do not raise with the Client immediately.
17. Cancellations must be communicated to Kelli or Amanda by telephone. Email and text message communication of cancellation is not permitted within 24 hours of shift commencement. You are encouraged to find a replacement for the booking but should be approved by Kelli (i.e. you don’t assume someone is fine to cover you). Medical certificates should be provided in cases of illness.
18. You will be provided with a copy of a Fair Work Information Statement (attached to this document). Please note that this statement refers to some conditions which don’t apply to casual employees.
19. Any materials (i.e. uniform, brochures, iPads etc.) provided to you by SPP/KCMM, the Client and/or customer to perform your role, remain the property of SPP/KCMM, the Client and/or customer at all times.
20. KCMM-Following completion of your first financial year we will review your ongoing representation.
An annual $50 management fee is payable in July (fee is subject to change at KCMM’s discretion with reasonable notice given). This fee will be waived for the first financial year of representation.
21. KCMM-Commission fees apply to all work in this division. As of 2016 the commission fees for Television & Film are 15% of quoted rate (exc. GST). The commission fees for Modelling & TV Commercials is 20% of quoted rate (Exc. GST). These rates are subject to change at KCMM’s discretion with reasonable notice given.